Why I want to attend Spark.me 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hello lovelies,

this post is a little bit different from what I usually post here, but I am sure some of you would like to know more about the topic I am going to talk in this post.

As the very title says, I am going to state some of the main reasons why I want to attend Spark.me 2017 conference.

Let me tell you something about the conference first. I will try to cut the story short and tell you the main details about it :)

Spark.me is a conference that connects people who are enthusiastic about technology, marketing, Internet and networking opportunities. Therefore, it is the perfect place for all the bloggers out there. This conference will try to improve the already established blogger community, but not only blogger community, but also a lot of other communities connected to the technology and internet. If you want to know more about marketing strategies it is the perfect place to be. It is held for the Balkan region and beyond.

The conference is organized at the seaside resort of Budva and that is such a perfect place for me. Full of nostalgic moments spent there.
As I was born in Prijepolje (Serbia) I almost grew up with people from Montenegro, as my little hometown is really near Montenegro border.

A friend of mine told me about the conference and suggested that I would be the perfect candidate for the conference, and I immediately decided to apply. 

My blog is my ''baby'' and I have been writing blog posts for seven years now, which is quite a long time, so I definitely gained a lot of experience about the blogging community and business. But of course, there are still a lot of the things to be learned. And this conference will help me learn more for sure!
Blogging is my passion and to be honest, my lifestyle. I could not imagine my world without blog. That is why I want to participate in this conference and be the part of the positive change in our community. Since I was one of the first bloggers here in Sarajevo, I opened the group for other BiH bloggers, where everyone can share their blog posts, opinions and support eachother. Ever since I am trying to help my blogger colleagues improve; give advice to younger generation and inspire them not to be afraid to start their own blog, be creative and be themselves. 

I definitely followed my imagination from the very beginning, and that can be seen through every blog post. Most of them contain fairytale photoshoots, that are unique and everybody says that they recognize my posts and my pictures immediately. I never followed rules, trends nor other ''popular'' schemes. I always followed my heart, and the reason why I started the blog in the first place. 

Do it with passion or not at all :) That is one of my missions.

I will give my best to visit the conference this year, and what about you?

Who else is coming?

e that happen.


  1. I think it is wonderful that you want to attend! Hopefully you are able to and it is a positive experience for you :)

  2. Good luck! Ja sam svoj blog napravila godinu dana kasnije. Sjecam se kada se stranica BiH bloggers "rodila" i kako smo jedni druge bodrili i podrzavali ali i pomagalu. Bila je mala ali slatka zajednica, sad mi je zao sto se vecina tih blogova ugasila.
    Taida ti zasluzujes da ides na konferenciju pa da nam ovdje preneses utiske :). Srecno jos jednom!

    1. Hvala Dragana! Da, bila su to divna vremena. Ja sam stranicu odrzavala koliko sam mogla i stizala, ali sama nisam mogla da postignem sve. Nazalost, blogosfera nije više što je bila, ali tako je to.
      Sjećaš se našeg druzenja u Banja Luci, kad sam dolazila na Demofest? Jao, davno je to bilo. Moramo se opet okupiti :D

      Hvala još jednom :*