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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I know I should have made this post a lot earlier, but whenever I think of uploading pictures and writing something here, I get lazy.. and instead of making a post I make a cake, or draw, or go out for a walk with my boyfriend, etc. I just didn't feel like posting these days, although I know I've already promised a lot new outfits, and some of you that follow me not only here, have already seen the pics on facebook. I promise I'll give my best and post as often as I can.. material is not the problem, I've got tons of pictures, it's my laziness:)
So, I felt the need to call my friend Nina recently, to take some pics of my band, nothing that professional, special, we just needed a couple of new pictures,as we didn't do any kind of shoot together for ages:) I miss that with the band(but you probably know how it goes with guys in the band..they are bored about it:D)
If you are interested in band details, check out facebook page The Loudest Silence
This is what I wore back then. I wore this almost 3 years ago as well, only with another shoes and a bit different hairstyle.

Here are the pics
from 2010

Purple/Green/Black-Mango arrivals

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello dear followers,
this outfit was taken a week ago, at the place named Dobrinja, in Sarajevo, the place where my boyfriend lives.
 I love autumn, but I hate rainy days. This day was an exception of a typical autumn day. It was perfect. Sunny, a little bit windy, but no rain at all.

I bought the jacket in Mng-it was reasonably priced, I would say even cheap, for the quality, but it was the only jacket left, in size xs, and it was last year's autumn/winter collection, so it's obvious why it was 50% off.
Funny little fact- I payed the gloves a lot more than a jacket. They were quite expensive, but as I'm mad about gloves, and as they are made of 100% leather, I didn't feel sorry to give that amount of money.
So, here is the look. I experimented a bit with the purple lipstick, as I'm crazy about color vibrance of green and purple. You've probably noticed, but I love combining such colors:)
If you are interested in make up products I used, I can make a separate post about it, just let me know If you want to. It was super quick, a little bit of mascara, and goldy eyeshadow, just to enhance the look, as it warms the skin a bit, against that dark and cold burgundy purple lipstick. And that's it:)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

I caught a flu yesterday, and I'm lying in the bed most of the time(that's why you can see me online again):D
Drinking tea, lemonade, eating as much fruit as possible.
This is, again, one of my recent outfits.
With red lips, but no mascara, no eyeliner, just a little bit of the blending of browny colors through the eyelids.
I'll just put the swatch of my red lipsticks. There's no particular shade of red that I love the most. I love every shade, from the peachy-coral reds, to dark cherry ones. There are some rules which undertone suits which skin color. But I don't like rules in general. I've already told you that. If you can pull out dark lip and smokey eyes, than better!