Summer days are gone

Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a busy month.
Tons of things to do. Tons of pictures to post. These are taken a month ago.

Various outfits

Saturday, September 15, 2012

First of all, sorry for not posting these days. But I'm in a big mess. I've finally moved into the new apartment and it's been the most exhausting period of my life ever. I did not sleep for days. I went home and back a couple of times so that I was sure everything is in the right place now. But no more about it. I just had to mention why I am not posting regularly these days.
Today I'm going to Mostar, as The Loudest Silence is playing live at 9.p.m.
I didn't even have enough time to pack the outfit for concert. I just have no strength to do anything at all. And this awful weather is driving me mad.
But I'm so happy to go to Mostar. I love that city. And I'm sure I'll have great time with guys from the band.
So, I'll just post some pictures that I didn't put in any of the previous posts and they were my recent outfits when the summer days still lasted.