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Hello lovelies,

those of you who follow me on Instagram, probably saw my Insta stories, where I recorded as much as possible of the Pupa Milano conference. I was invited to be a model at the conference, where official make up artist of Pupa Federico Lucci was doing my make up. He did 2 main looks on me, and changed my lipstick color a couple of times during the conference. I bring you some of the pictures, so you can see how he did my make up, step by step.

The conference took place at the amazing place, with such a nice interior details.


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Hello lovelies,

As some of you know, I am obsessed with chia seeds, and I love eating chia seeds pudding. I found out about chia seeds long time ago, when I started to eat really healthy, and I am really glad that they are so popular now. Everyone knows about chia seeds now, and they should, because they're awesome! Have you seen my older posts with recipes with chia seeds? Check them out here, here, here, here and here.
So, let's get into the origin of chia seeds and their health benefits first, and then I will write the recipe of my pudding.


Oni koji me prate na Instagramu su već vidjeli mini stories kao i fotografije nakon mog prvog farbanja kose u frizerskom salonu Bolero. Snimala sam vam Insta Stories kako biste upratili većinu koraka, ali želim da vam prenesem svoje iskustvo i ovdje na blog-u.

O ovom frizerskom salonu sam već ranije pisala ovdje, tako da mi nije prvi put da posjećujem ovaj salon. Sa Nashi proizvodima ste svi već upoznati, u to sam sigurna, tako da nema potrebe da vam pišem o samom kvalitetu Nashi Argan brenda. Ukoliko vas baš interesuje, a niste ranije čuli za ovaj brend, pogledajte ovaj post!


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Why I want to attend 2017

Hello lovelies,

this post is a little bit different from what I usually post here, but I am sure some of you would like to know more about the topic I am going to talk in this post.

As the very title says, I am going to state some of the main reasons why I want to attend 2017 conference.

Let me tell you something about the conference first. I will try to cut the story short and tell you the main details about it :)


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Hello lovelies,

let me show you some of my new in make up items from Dior. This collection of items is perfect for spring and summer.


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Hello lovelies,

I know I promised you this blog post ages ago but I was really busy so I just could not find some free time to take pictures of each lipstick shade and then edit them and so on. You get it.
But I did manage to take some pictures of the shade that is perfect for spring.

So, these new lipsticks from Avon are called True Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks.

To be honest, the best products from Avon are lipsticks (in my humble opinion).

These ones were love at first sight because of the rose gold details, and you know how much I love rose gold, so yeah. The range of shades is really nice. There are 15 shades, that vary from pinks, reds, purples and some nudes. The lipstick inside the bullet looks like marble, as it is the combination of lipstick pigment and nourishing balm. They are very shiny and nourishing. The texture is really creamy and buttery. If you are one of those who likes sheer and light lipsticks these are just made for you. I am more into the matte lipsticks but these ones would be really nice for summer.


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Raspberry-Chocolate Tart

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hello lovelies,

here is the recipe of my raspberry-chocolate tart. The light was not that good today, so I really struggled to make nice pictures. Since I am really really busy these days, I know I will not have time to make some pictures, and the tart will be gone within a couple of days, so I quickly managed to take some shots while the light was still ok.


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Hello lovelies,

here is the recipe of the brownie I made recently. I tried to stick to the healthy version.  Brownie does not have to be problematic temptation anymore! The classic ones are almost always packed with a lot of sugar and fats. But if you are trying to maintain healthy lifestyle, try this version, and believe me, you will love it!
This recipe will totally change the way you make brownies.


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Hello lovelies,

here is the recipe of the pancakes I usually make.
I mostly used dmBio products which you can easily find.
There is no need for nutella,as this dmBio hazelnut spread is ten times better than nutella, and it is healthier.

So this is what I used:

300gr of oats (blended in a blender to make it as a flour)
100ml of dmBio coconut milk
1 tablespoon of coconut oil (I used it in a pan, just a tiny amount before I added each pancake mixture) I used dmBio coconut oil
1 egg
dmbio Hazelnut spread
a little bit of almonds for decoration

(This mixture makes 10 pancakes)

First, I blended my oats in the blender. Then, I put the flour from the oats in the large mixing bowl, and cracked one egg into the mixture, while I slowly added coconut milk. I separately mashed one banana with the fork and added it to the mixture. Once I added all the ingredients, I beat until I got smooth paste. If you feel that you need to add more milk or more flour to get better texture, do so.
I heated the pan and added just a tiny amount of coconut oil before each pancake.

You can cook each pancake as you wish, I like mine to be as cooked as possible. I do not like pale looking pancakes that are too little cooked.

I then spread the hazelnut dmBio spread, and voila!

Bon apetit!


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hello lovelies,

here is the recipe of my Reindeer chocolate balls that I make every year. I made this recipe up, using the ingredients that I thought would be nice to mix together, but also healthy. All the versions of these reindeer balls I saw on the internet are way more different, with lots of sugar and milk chocolate, butter, etc.

I love cooking, and I think all of you know that already :D It is so relaxing and creative and I enjoy it very much. I would love to have my own youtube channel where I would only be cooking, sharing some healthy recipe ideas with you.

These reindeer chocolate balls make me so happy, and I couldn't wait Christmas to make them. It became sort of a ritual in my kitchen :P

So here are the ingredients you will need:
(bare in mind that I made up the recipe, so it is totally up to you what ingredients you will use, and what you prefer more, but if you use the exact same ingredients, I assure you, you will die when you taste them :D)

Hello 2017

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