Make up/Part III

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I've been writing about Make up history a couple of months ago. You can see it here. I've been posting pictures and shared opinions about my make-up products, which you can see here. And yes, the first post, about my make up products needs to be completed, so I decided to do another post, of my make up products.
As I've said in the first part, it won't be post about make up recension. I'll just put the pictures of my skin care and make up products. As I use it, I obviously love it. There's no need to write about negative and positive sides, as I'm not any kind of make up guru. And to be honest, I've got no time for it.
I'll just say that my skin needs extra care, and is very sensitive, if not treated properly I may get breakouts. I'm hygiene obsessed girl, and I hate every little sign of dirt. My clothes need special care, I hate cigarettes, I don't like our second hand shops in which I immediately get red after I come in, I can't stand watching people sleep with their make up on, and seeing them with mascara left under their eyes. I find it awful. I've got nothing against second hand shops, I visit them sometimes, and one day I'll go to London and Paris just to visit all of their second hand shops. But our second hand shops are the story for its own. And oh, there's a huge difference between vintage and second hand shops(but I'll write about that in another post). And again, I started talking about tons of things at the same time.
Let's go back to make up. I'll be quick, as you could see every little detail about make up in the previous posts, to which I posted links above.
Let me start with the skincare products I missed to post in the first make up post.
I'll just say that, when I wear no make up, I'll just spray Avene Thermal Water and pat it with the tissue.
If I'm wearing a sheer foundation, just a small amount, I'll remove it with Avene-Extremely Gentle Cleanser.
If I'm wearing full Foundation,powder, false lashes, red lipstick, I'd use Miccelar Lotion for removing make up from face. But for eyes, I'll use another product separately, which is Avene Gentle Eye make up remover/it removes false eyelashes as well. After all of that, I'll cleanse my skin with some additional products, as it's not enough. I'll wash it with purifying gel, or put an exfoliating creme, or use Lotion Toner. But I wear it only in a special occasion(when I've got concert, or when it's someone's birthday party, etc)
Normally, everyday, I'll just wear spf hydrating creme, and a lip balm. Sometimes mascara,red lipstick and a tiny amount of eyeshadow. That's all.
Now, I apply foundation with fingers, I also use fingers for applying some eyeshadows. I use brushes from time to time, and I've got a couple of them. I've posted about each of it in the first part, so I'll just put one picture here.
Under make up, I always use Light Hydrating creme, and I use this one, as my skin is sensitive and Combination.

For cleaning my skin, but with no make up on, I regularly use Thermal water, and Extremely Gentle Cleanser

I've already explained what I use for removing extra make up, so I'll just put the pictures without description.

 All together
When it gets warm and sunny in the early summer, I'll use this 30 SPF creme for face,
but when it gets warmer in July and August, I'll use this one with 50 SPF, for my body.
Now, let me add a couple of pictures of my make up products, which I didn't put in the previous post.

That's all
Hugs and kisses