Dark Lady

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello there!
I'm styding these days, and I have no time to blog every day, but I've got more than 5 outfits to show you, as I've done shootings outside and in the house a couple of days ago, and the pictures are waiting to be uploaded. I didn't sort the folders, the pictures are quite in a mess, but I'll sort it out as soon as possible:)
As you all may know, my favourite eye make up is something like smokey eyes with golden and black shades.When I started doing make up on my own, beginning in the late primary school days, I didn't have Internet, I didn't read fashion magazines, it just came naturally to me. I used this kind of make up since then, and somehow, it stayed my favourite look. I don't know where the idea came from, but it just did.
I do not use eyeliner that much, but kohl pencil, to make that cat eye look. I don't like rules and classic looks that everyone follows. I like to create something myself.
All of the pictures are taken by my boyfriend. And,I realised I love him to take the pictures of me the most, as we know eachother very well, and he really reads my mind. Being 6 years with someone, and photographed by the same person all the time is the best thing.
The connection between the photographer and model is the most important thing:) In my case, that connection is something special and intimate:)
I feel like I could do whatever I want in front of the camera, like he doesn't exist at all, as he is the person I believe in the most:)

I have to go back styding, so I'll stop here:)

(p.s.If you want to see the make up in details, click on the picture in photobucket to enlarge it)I didn't have that much time to crop the details:P

unedited ones

The Gathering of BiH bloggers

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello everyone,
I'm really sorry for being absent for a couple of days, and even at the moment of writing I feel so tired and exhausted as I woke up quite early, had rehearsals and then held some classes for the children. I'm so excited for the upcoming news that I will tell you about very soon:)
I just want to share some pictures of recent gathering. The rest of the girls and I had a lot of fun and were really glad and excited about the meeting. I feel so glad to have met those girls, honest and kind, and enthusiastic about the same thing-Blog. There are tons of blogs that are created not because of feeling the need to share and write something that interest you as individual but to become popular and compete. I've seen a couple of blogs open recently just because of some kind of competition and I feels sorry about it. But those girls are all cheerful and simply amazing. I'll just put the links here so you can find them and read their blog posts in future:)
It's  Emina, and another girl called Emina as well:) Then Ema, Edina&Mia and Adela:)
The first pictures are taken while going for a shopping:) We were frustrated about the shops in Sarajevo and lack of good clothes and nice places in general.

Pearly Collar & Red Lipstick

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shoes- Kitten(Office Shoes)
Belt, Sunglasses and Pearly Collar- Lindex

Wood nymph lying on a whispering trees

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

As I've promised. Here are the pictures from the recent photosession. I'd like to share some of the ''behind the scenes'' pictures, without retouch or any kind of program used for it.
The pink dress is vintage (Nina's), and the shoes are bought in Sarajevo, in Alta, Parfois. Pictures are taken by Nina Mašić. Here is her fb page.

Behind the scenes

Lost in Paradise

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello there:)
As I've told you, I've been home for a couple of days and I had great a time. I've enjoyed nature and all little things that make me happy:) Friends, Family, Nature. I won't tell about my passion for spending time in nature, lying on trees and simply enjoying the wind and beautiful smell of grass and flowers. I've told it already before. I'd love to share some interesting facts about the place where the pictures in this post were taken. And I can't wait another holiday time to show you some other place, full of lakes. It's the place where my grandparents were born, and I used to spend my childhood there. It's incredible beauty and I feel like I'm in Paradise. That's why the post title is ''Lost in Paradise'', and also because it's one of my favorite songs from the Evanescence new self titled album:) I like to connect certain moments, photographs, feelings with certain songs. Everything is connected. In my opinion, of course..you just have to find the bond that connects it all.
For the first of May I went together with family and friends to Kamena Gora village. 
 My boyfriend spend his childhood there too:) Kamena Gora is at the altitude of more than 1300 meters, and is one of the most beautiful village in Prijepolje. I'm in love with its astonishing meadows, beautiful pine woods and plenty of fresh mountains springs. There's spectacular view that spreads to mountains of Durmitor, Jadovnik, Zlatar, Golija and Zlatibor. Even pictures are not enough to describe how beautiful it is. Kamena Gora village is famous for the centuries old pine tree, ''Svetibor'', collecting many secrets and traditional tales of longevity highlanders for centuries. Some say that it's over 500 hundred years old. As a child I used to believe every single tale and even created my own tales about it:) My boyfriend took pictures right to that tree. I simply brought this lavender like colored material, pearls and belt, and quickly made the dress. No make up, no special preparation. Only nature and I.
I didn't want to spend time taking pictures but enjoying and having great walk. And by the way, I almost hit the snake with my sneakers there:D I just want to add that the most beautiful part of the time spent there is the sunset. Traditional dinner by fireplace:)Amazing! It's time to post some pictures instead of talking and talking:)