Like a princess

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hello lovelies,
this post is all about the royal blue high-waisted midi skirt. It so reminds me of Ulyana Sergeenko. It just screams her name :) You know how much I love all that she's done so far.
I adore royal blue color and surprise, surprise, red/blue combo one more time.

Sorry about the light on the pictures, as it differs on almost each picture. It's because the weather was so unpredictable that day that it changed a billion times in a minute. So, we had to embrace what we were given. Shooting at sunny, rainy, cloudy day, you name it. :)

Keep it classic.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hello lovelies,
this outfit is something I wear often during Spring/Summer. Striped skirt and stilettos are my ultimate favourite combination, and not because they are fashionable or trendy, but because I adore stripes. I find them unique pattern that goes with lots of different colors and materials. But I chose something simple and monochrome to keep it classic.

Super Floral

Friday, May 15, 2015

Trench coat dress

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello lovelies,
I'm pretty sure you've seen me wearing this dress before, but I thought it would be nice to make some pictures at the mountain. I was in a huge rush that day that I just made some pictures with the phone basically while running down the streets. And as the night was falling the only time left for taking pictures was right before the sunset on the beautiful meadow at the mountain. As I went there straight from the city, I didn't change the clothes, but I took sporting clothes with me of course. It was much colder than in the city, but luckily, I finished posing very quickly.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I've been absent from blogging as I went home for a couple of days. Whenever I go home I try to take the opportunity and go outside as much as possible, visiting the villages around and going to the mountains. A little bit of fresh air is something I really missed, since winter in Sarajevo lasted too long, bringing all the dirt and pollution around.
Luckily, summer is getting near, and I'm really happy about it, since it is my favourite season. I didn't miss the chance to visit all the beautiful nature surroundings but I didn't bring anything but sneakers and one pair of my everyday heels. Luckily I had some clothes still left in my wardrobe at home, and I combined what I had at that moment. The weather that days was awful. I decided to have a walk with my friends and make a blog post but the weather tried to stop me. When I got out and made a couple of shots, the weather was still nice, and a little bit windy, but soon after the rain started pouring on us, and we had to hide. When the rain stopped, the weather changed from sunny and windy to gloomy and dark, Therefore, the pictures are a little bit different in lighting. I didn't took enough shots for a post and I had to take a little bit more to complete the outfit post, using different mode on camera, so you can see the slight difference between a couple of pictures.