Trench Coat Dress

Friday, August 31, 2012

The dress I'm wearing is a gift from my oldest sister. She bought it in Belgrade, in June. I got it as a birthday present, as my birthday is on the 11th of June. But I didn't wear it until now, because I didn't have the chance to. As you may know, I've got 3 more sisters, twin sister and two older ones. The other older sister bought me 2 dresses as well, and I'll show them as soon as possible. My sister told me that when she saw the dress, she immediately imagined me wearing it:) It looks like a trench coat, but it's a dress. It's perfect for autumn, and winter as well, with some cardigan and leather gloves.:)
The dress is bought in Morgan, unfortunately I didn't manage to find it here in Sarajevo, or I didn't search enough. But my sister told me that they've got amazing clothes. Modern retro inspired, mostly. Which is perfect combination for me:P
So, here are the pictures
Don't mind my silly behaviour:D I may look like a princess but I act like a silly girl sometimes:D It's mostly when my boyfriend is near. We act crazy all the time, and people stare at us, as I laugh so that the whole city can hear me:D

Minnie Mouse

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here's a little cute dress I got from Oasap a week ago:)

Macadam Flower

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I didn't make a post for a while, but as soon as September comes I'm going to post every single day, because there are tons of pictures made and I really don't want to waste time being online and sitting at home, because such a wonderful weather and wonderful places shouldn't be missed. I'm totally in a mood of a bird, flying, singing:)
Nature is the best cure for mind and soul, and wonderful moments shared with close friends and family.
I've bought a couple of dresses, and I promise I'll make loooots of posts.
My ice cream is melting at the moment, so I have to go:))
I'll just put a link of a song I adore, by amazing singer Emma. I love her songs!

These are the pictures of a place I visit every year I come home.