Flowers and Pearls

Monday, February 25, 2013

Last week's look.
If you want to see my pearls&flowers collection check out these posts made in 2011:
The first one
The second one

If you would love to see my current collection, let me know, and I'll make a post about it, as since 2011 I've collected a lot more ;)

I love Burgundy

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello lovelies,
you know I love red color in all its shades. Burgundy is one of my favourite. You could see me wearing my  burgundy socks and hat in this post and another burgundy hat in this one


Black Goddess/ Two-faced ghost

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello lovelies,
here are the pictures from latest photoshoot I've done with  Nadja Berberović.
This shoot is similar to this one (during winter, in the forest), but also a lot more dramatic and has the story behind it. All others were mainly fashion editorials, showing my make up and outfit combinations, but this one is connected to my dreams and the lyrics which are so personal. It is connected to the song of my band The Loudest Silence. The lyrics were written ages ago, and reveal the story of  two faced people, who are neither on the good nor bad side, lost and cursed. I connected those people and described them within the metaphor of an evil queen in magic land, who lives in a good land and she is evil. Seducing the lost ones, who can not decide where to go, being trapped and cursed to live as two faced forever. My message is that you should be yourself no matter where the world puts you in, and be strong for once YOU get lost you will never be able to go back and live happy. Once you put another face above the real one, you will never be able to get back. Love and do what you will :)
Ok, that's roughly it. And this shoot speaks instead of the lyrics. I'm acting that evil queen from the song.

It hurts
So never give all the heart
For I gave all the heart and lost
Time only knows the price
We have to pay

Now, more is heard than it's spoken
More is found than it's seen
Within the riddles in the dark
There and back again

Find yourself
For being two faced leads you to the
Evil queen in a magic land
Dark her hair like the winter’s night
Cold her touch like the snow white
Her lover becomes haunted
Within a story to tell
The story of a fragile soul
The story of a two faced ghost
The story of the one who's lost

Love and do what you will
Even though it seems to be a lonely life, it's the one you've chosen
Sphere of thoughts will save your soul
Pure and naked
Like the one of the innocent child

He lost his own, she was his curse and fall
Was it her reflection? Or of a two faced ghost?

Behind the scenes
trying to get warm, as it was as freezing as hell, I assure you!