Illustrations-Part I

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello my lovely readers!
In this post I will not be posting my outfits, but drawings and illustrations done by me. You've all probably noticed that I'm in love with all kinds of Visual Art, and that I'm involved into almost every part of it. Not only fashion and music are my interests, but also visual art. It's something that flows through my veins and helps me get through this life. I know I wrote in description profile a lot about myself but I said that it's only a little piece of me. As a songwriter, I always have pictures and little slideshows on my mind, when writing lyrics.
In my opinion a real artist have to be good in its every piece. Not only you have to be a good writer, or performer, or singer, but you have to feel it in your body and heart, and be connected though all of its shapes.
My teachers kept saying that I'm a true definition of art and artistic person.
I loved drawing since my childhood, and I was good at it. I never took any professional class for drawing nor singing.
I wrote songs, and some of them are collected by my teacher's books, a lot of my drawings are still in the school classrooms.
So, everything is like a puzzle, without one small part, it's not complete.
Photography, painting, drawing, make-up, sewing, singing, writing poems, design, cooking are my passion and different forms of art, but still all connected.
For me, drawing is similar to make-up. I enjoy drawing beautiful lady's faces and at the same time doing make-up on their faces with crayons, color pencils, chalk, pastels, etc.
And also designing their clothes and doing their hairstyles. It's so amazing! I love that as well as I like to do make-up on the people's faces and designing clothes for them.
You will notice that a lot of the girls are similar to me. I drew them so that they will be reflection of my inner being.


This one is not finished yet!

p.s.-I'm not obsessed with vampires, I just love to draw them:) The greatest inspiration is Van Helsing an its beautiful and sexy vampiresses:D and clothing as well:)


  1. jao ima li šta da ne znaš?! :D i ja volim crtati ali nisam ni upola ovako dobra! sve su mi odlične, čak i vampirske :D

  2. Heheh, hvala!
    Ja sam sad cak i prestala da crtam, nemam vremena, ali sam se zato bacila na neke druge stvari, a ne bi me cudilo da usper crtas, jer kao sto sam gore rekla, ako si pravi umetnik, donekle sve sfere umetnosti moras razumeti jer su sve povezane. Ne ide mi nikako da si dobar u crtanju da da pojma nemas o sminkanju ili da nemas stila, i slično:D

  3. Prelijepo.
    Ja sam nova u blog svijetu,pa bi dobro dosla svaka pomoc.


  4. Ooh, you are very talented! These are all very good :)

  5. Great work! These works are not just well-drawn pictures, they're real art! They are not just beautiful, they're so much more. I'm impressed!

    I hope that someday I can be technically as good as you. I have many ideas for different drawings, but my technic isn't good enough yet. I have problems with different positions and distances, but I'm skillful at shading. Drawing faces are also one of my strenghts.

    I hope that my comment isn't include significant errors.

  6. You are so so talented. Oh my goodness, these are all really beautiful! You capture so much emotion.

  7. Thank you all!
    Belsissa-Nevermind the mistakes!
    Hugs and kisses

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  9. hello darling! i just came across to your blog and i have to say it is really amazing and i´m deeple impressed by your artistic talent, i love this paintings very victoria frances! really brilliant! keep on doing all this creative things!
    love and kiss,mary

  10. These are so pretty! You have some major talent!

  11. amazing pictures!!
    thanks for your comment!and follow you on google friends connect!!

    kisses pretty=)

  12. These drawings are fantastic! The last one sure is my favourite.


  13. love the eyes in all those drawings!


  14. Predivna si!!! Ne znam da li si već imala neku izložbu? Nadam se da ćeš uskoro i to da pripremaš!!!

  15. Wow, fenomenalno crtas! 4. i 7. ilustracija po redu su mi najbolje! Nemoj da prestajes da crtas nego razvijaj talenat ;))

  16. Wauw, you really have a talent! Do you also paint? xx

  17. i love your style. very retro, very elegant!
    these drawings are amazing!

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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  18. love the are really talented...

    a kiss from the

  19. Hey :) I want so say thank your for your nice comment!

    xx Amy

  20. Fino ti to ide, ja ni zeca ne znam nacrtati kako treba!

  21. Svaka čast, ne mogu da verujem kako dobrih ima, a korseti kao da su pravi!

  22. Fantastic illustrations! You're so talented!



  23. Well done, you!!! You are so incredibly talented!!! xx

  24. So artsy! I love how you draw the eyes- they're so expressive xx misstea & co.

  25. ilustracije su sjajne, svaka cast!

  26. Svaka čast za ilustracije, moj favorit prva.

  27. wooow!
    that amazing drawings! I also like to draw, but I do so well!

  28. Wow,gorgeous,you're so talented!!

  29. These drawings are gorgeous! I love the combination of Rococo and vintage beauty. =)

  30. love your illustrations those are amazing. I wish I can draw like that.


  31. I LOVE IT ! :)

    Check out my blog .;) Im boy - Lucas . ;)

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  33. I love it your Blog, It is soooo beautiful