Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here's the quickest tutorial on how I do some of my make up looks. I really didn't have enough time to take pictures of every step, I was in a rush, but as I've promised a lot of times I'll do a tutorial(even though this is not a real tutorial), I had to put these pics. I never ever do the same make up two times. I'll change something everytime. If I do smokey eye I'll sometimes mix different colors, sometimes do it with false lashes, sometimes not. sometimes put eyeliner instead of black kohl smudged perfectly. Or do a classic eyeliner with purple lipstick, Or do red lipstick with nothing on the eyes, or both red lipstick and black eyeshadow. It depends on my mood, on what I'm wearing at the moment..etc. But I know I never do the same look twice. It's not interesting. If I know that something fits me perfectly I won't do that all the time.Even though something fits me not that well I'll do it just to experiment a bit and just for a change. The same make up is boring and it's not interesting to put only something that fits you the best.
Ok. I'll first put some concealer. Just on the areas where needed. Cover blemishes, spots, etc. If you have perfect skin, then skip this part, and move unto eyes immediately. Because, I never ever put full foundation coverage. Especially with smokey eyes.

 Then put some plumy purple eyeshadow like this. Start with the small amount. You'll do it much easier that way. Then apply more and more and blend it well.

 Then put an eyeliner
 Then, false eyelashes. If you wish.
 Put some pink lipstick
 I chose this L'oreal one
 And this is the complete look

I hope it was helpfull. Even though it's not full step post, I think you got some ideas:)

Hugs and kisses


  1. I love your make up! We have a giveaway going on right now where you could win a 100$ pair of glasses. Just thought you'd be interested! Come by soon ;) xx

  2. Divno svidjaju mi se koraci na slikama, a i prelijepo izgledas!

  3. Prelijepa !
    I ovaj make up mi je bas divan, savrseno ti pristaje.

  4. PrekraSna si! Odlicne su ti upute, morat cu probati. Jedino cu ja rozu zamijeniti smedjim tonovima, Ne usudim se bas rozo, ljubicasto! Ilina

  5. wow gorgeous make up, very well done:) xoxo

  6. lovely make-up..i like the colors...beautiful

  7. prelijepa, kako super make-up, prva prilika i probat cu nesto ovako uraditi ^^ http://ainthedreamland.blogspot.com/ moj blog, nadam se da se pratimo :**

  8. great tutorial angelique you look stunning, i must try it i have never really tried these colous before, have a great week, big kiss from dublin xx leonie

  9. You look so gorgeous! I love your eyes!


  10. Prelepo,prelepa!!


  11. You are so amazingly beautiful! I would love so much to do a shoot with you. Your make up always looks so perfect, I don't think I could ever attempt to get mine looking that pristine. Wonderful as always! Xx

    Rosa Fay Photography

  12. super post!