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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hello dear followers,
I'm sorry for being absent, the last week and this one are a true hell, exams every day. And I've got a flu, because the wind is blowing hard these days, and I'm prone to flu, when it's windy outside, because I don't want to wear winter clothes, as I'm sick of the layers. I've been wearing dresses all the time, and now I'm in the bed, drinking tea, antibiotics and reading literature, American history stuff.. Pretty boring, and hell yes, I hate studying. It wraps up my creativity, locks it in a cage, and I'm bursting of creativity all the time. If I do not start writing all the ideas I've got, the new ones will replace older ones, and I will get lost in all of it. I started to make a dress out of wire, and unfortunately, it takes ages to finish, but I have to study. Fuck.
But there's a time for shopping, always!
I have bought some new stuff, can't wait to wear it all, as there are a lot of new things not worn.
I bought some new make up stuff but I'll do a separate post.

My current Summer hat collection. Winter hat collection has already been posted last year.

 This green hat is my new baby, and it perfectly matches my lace dress ;) It's from H&M

  Earrings bought in Prijepolje, a couple of months ago, in P..S..

 Looking for perfect shorts for this summer.

 New purchase. H&M. A week ago, or so.

 This is almost the same model as the one down below. This black one doesn't have sleeves, but everything else is pretty much the same, the back, the front part, everything. This black one is bought a couple of months ago, and I wore it only for the photoshoot with my band. Since then, I've been waiting for the nice weather. 

 The black one is from New Yorker, and the Green one from H&M. Funny little fact, the price was exactly the same. 26 euros each.

That's all
Stay healthy and happy :)


  1. Zelena H&m haljinica je savršena ! Pure perfection :D

  2. prelijepo i sve ti ekstra stoji!

  3. Of course I prefer the black dress but they're both pretty :D
    32 is your size? you're tiny!!!
    I wish you a full recovery, and I also very understand you about not wanting to wear layers, it isn't my thing as well ^^"

    1. I can not decide which one I prefer, maybe because I haven't been wearing none of these outside, except the black one for photoshoot, but that doesn't count ;)
      The perfect size for me is 34-xs, it matches me perfectly, but there are some models in 32, or 36 that are good as well. Everything above 36 is way too big for me. I'm not skinny, many people say I am, but I think I'm only tiny :D As you've sad. My shoe size is 36 as well, that proves how tiny I am :)

    2. That's exactly what I meant, you are thin, but it seems you're more tiny and not just extremly skinny. Being tiny is a good thing, saves a lot of space ;)

  4. wow Amazing items...i love the long green dress and the black one by H&M...lovely pics!

  5. predivne stvarcice,a posebno sesiri.Ti si prava ljepotica <3

  6. predivne si svarcice kupila.......haljine ti stoje kao salivene...

  7. Jel mi se cini,ili je u pitanju ista ogrlica kao kod Simone?

    1. Ogrlica kupljena, pf, prije jedno pola godine :) Ne znam kad ju je ona kupila, niti da li je nosila ranije, jer ne pratim njen blog vec duze vrijeme :)
      A i da je ista, nema to veze :) S obzirom da ja mrzim da imam stvari kao neko drugi, sigurno je nisam uzela sa najmerom da bude ista kao njena ;)

    2. Samo mi je zapelo za oko,posto je ogrlica lijepa i nisam mogla biti da ne primjetim :)
      Nisam ni ciljala na to da si ju uzela s namjerom da bude ista :)

  8. J'espère que vous allez mieux... et que le moral est de retour !

    De très jolies photos et une belle panoplie de chapeaux !
    Gros bisous

  9. Super su sve stvari, ali me kolekcija šešira oduševila. Proći će i ovaj mučni period, šaljem ti dobre vibracije :-)

  10. Zelena haljinica je prelepa i savrseno ti stoji! :)