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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello there,
Two days have passed since I made an outfit post, and within these 2 days, I took pictures of two more outfits, but I was lazy to make a post each day. So I will make a post  of today's and yesterday's outfit tomorrow. In between, I took some pictures of new products I bought a couple of days ago (Not all were bought at once). I wanted to give a try to some of the products, to some because of a price, to some because of a package, to some because of a quality (because I have tested them before) to some because of a smell, etc. It doesn't mean I bought all of these because I know they will work on my skin the best. Maybe I will try some of these once, and never use it again, and cry over spent money. But I was checking all the stuff (like ingredients, making sure it is matching my skin tone, etc.) The best thing would be to have a tester. But unfortunately, our shops and pharmacies are lacking testers. Many of the workers are not willing to give you a tester, they are not polite at all. I don't get it. But what can I do.
All these things are not all the products I am using, but I made a couple of skincare and make up posts before, so you could see all of it together.

So, here we go ;)

New hair products 


 I randomly chose these, when the summer comes, I use loads of these for removing my lipgloss, or lipstick or just wet my hands. I took this package, because the wipes stay wet, they doesn't dry like the ones in paper-plastic packages. It's practical when for travelling as well.


 Sun protection. Protection lotions or sprays are must have for the summer. These are for my body, while I still use Avene one for my face.

 I use loads of these maxi cotton pads.


 This Nivea one is for washing my face in the morning, or when I'm in a rush and just want to freshen up my face. And these down below, are for removing my make up from face and eyes.

 Removing my BB cream with this cleanser.
 This one is great for removing a foundation and water proof mascara. Although my skin is not dry, it's combination, I find this oil amazing, it nourishes your skin,leaving it hydrated and it removes all the make up, while your lashes doesn't fall out at all.
 I've used this first BB cream, and it's nice. Lovely texture for combination skin. The second I wanted to give a try, and I didn't put it on my face at all, so I don't know about the quality. I bought these moisturizers, although my skin is almost never dehydrated, except during winter.

 I love the smell of this shower scrub!

 Maybelline lipsticks and cream eyeshadows.

 My brushes

 Concealer brush and translucent powder puff.
Lip brushes and eyeshadow brushes.
 Gel eyeliner brushes.
 Foundation brushes.
 Eyebrow and eyeshadow brushes.
 Smokey eye brushes. The one on the right is falling apart, as I've been using it for 2 years now, and it's falling apart because of constant washing. As I've told you, I'm obsessed with hygiene, and I wash my brushes immediately after I put my make up, so that the make up doesn't stay on the brush ever for a day.
 Powder brushes(Blush brushes)

 Blending brushes.

 New necklace from Lindex and new bag  from New Yorker.

Hugs and kisses


  1. These products all look fabulous! I just love the colour tattoo shades!

  2. Dobar post...mnogo toga koristim.

  3. Jaooo sta ti sve imaaas:))

  4. wooow, all these stuff is amazing. i have the same essence brushed and also the oil from hawaiian tropic. and hey girl, i just discovered your blog and i really like it. would u like to follow each other? i just started to follow u on gfc and also on bloglovin

  5. I love using Nivea and Garnier products, they're good!
    What do you think about Maybelline cream eyeshadows? I thought about buying them but I don't know how good they are.
    And I love your brushes collection :P

    1. Maybelline cream eyeshadows are amazing! I've tried the pink one yesterday, as a base for a pinky eyeshadow, but it looks amazing on its own. It sets quickly, so as a base, it's amazing! Every eyeshadow you put over the top would look 10 times better, and on its own, as it sets qucikly, it's a little bit tricky to blend, you have to be quick, but once you blend it nicely, it looks fantastic, and it really lasts long. Of course, not 24 hours, but quite a long period, I've been wearing it for almost 6 hours, and it didn't crease at all :)

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