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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hello lovelies,
I have decided to make a post about skincare products, and make up favourites. I made such a post long time ago, and since then, I have tried a lot of new products, but stayed loyal to the all time favourites :D
Many of you requested doing this kind of post, and here it is.
Taking pictures of make up, skincare, jewelry, etc. is time consuming, and I must say I did this during weekend, in two parts, on Saturday I took pictures of one half, and on Sunday of the other one. And still, I didn't take pictures of everything I own. As I'm not writing any kind of review of the products but showing only the pictures of the things I use, it is obvious that I like them all. Of course, some deserve more attention, some not, but all of them are pretty useful and good in its own way.

Let me start with the jewelry and hair accessories (only the recently bought one).

Now, make up ;)

As I do make up on others, I have a lot of the things that do not suit my skintone, but I have it just in case, so that I can put make up on darker skin tones, and on those who are fair like me. I am perfectionist, and I clean my eyeshadows immediately after using them, washing brushes regularly, keeping them in the place away from the dust, and so on. I have never ever used up one make up product. I like to buy it before it's empty, or find the similar one.

I regularly try new products and give it away if I don't like it. :)
So, I try not to throw anything away.

I do not hold all the brushes here, just a couple of those I use regularly. The rest is in my make up case.

I have created a look with these, soon post! I promise :)
I randomly put my make up, experimented, and had fun. These lashes inspired me for that kind of look. You'll see ;)

 These are recently bought foundations, I thought to give them a try, I used them once each :) Not that impressed : ) But for the price, they're good.

 I'm using these two lipsticks almost every day :D Love them!

I know I'm crazy, but I'm so tired, I've been selecting pictures for an hour, and I just can't write the brands and numbers on the picture. I just can't. Forgive me.

All that my lips need.

 My skincare at the moment. I've been testing some of these, and some are used for ages.

Nowhere without cotton buds.

 Even my make up bags have to be floral and in tartan :)

 I have never used anything except shampoo for my hair, but I'm becoming obsessed with hair care :)

Teethcare :)

That's all
If you have any questions about any particular item, feel free to ask. I can help you by writing a short review in the comments down below.

I didn't even have time to decorate my New Year's Tree, but I'll do it tonight, so I have to go now ;)
Hugs and kisses
Wish you happy holidays


  1. Hello Taida,
    Thank you for these helpful details, especially those of face care,
    I would like to have more details about Avène products: the "cleaning cream" and the "cleaning water"
    I use Vichy products but I am not satisfied, some people suggested Avène to me and you are exactly the person who can tell me if it's worth.

    Thank you for the answer

    1. The Cleaning cream is a must have! Definitely something I buy immediately after running out. So amazing. It's so mild and gentle, but still cleanse the skin wonderfully, thoroughly, it doesn't leave your skin dry at all! It actually feels moisturized. The cleaning Miccelar Lotion/Water is also good. I don't use it to remove my make up from skin, but only from the lips and eyes, since I find The cleansing water are not cleaning your skin thoroughly, even if you cleanse it with water, you definitely need to cleanse it more, with other products.. I hope I helped you :D

  2. Wow bas imas dosta kozmetike,ja se tu ni ne snalazim :D,svidjaju mi se nijanse ruzeva,obozavam crvene ruzeve...a kad ukrasis jelku slikaj pa podjeli sa nama ;)

    1. Crveni ruzevi su moja ljubav <3

      Moram! :D Nemam vremena da je ukrasim :)

  3. Thanks to your make-up posts in the past I tried out new products and really loved them! especially the Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows by Maybelline. What do you think about that foundation of Bourjois? did you liked it? my favorite foundations are from Bourjois but I didn't try them all yet.
    I always wanted to try Avène products but they were too expensive for me... I heard it's a good brand for sensitive skin. And about hair products - which one would you recommend me the most? :)
    Thanks and have a great week!

    1. You're welcome :)
      Bourjois foundation is good, a little bit too yellow for my taste, but it's good. It has light coverage, it doesn't break me out. I'm not impressed but it's good. I used it twice only, so I can not tell anymore about it. Avene products are great for sensitive skin, my skin is sensitive, and I adore Avene. About hair products- I would definitely recommend this L'oreal hair oil, it's amazing! And Macadamia hair cream, it protects your hair from heat and makes your curls last longer. L'oreal hair oil is amazing, it doesn't leave your skin greasy at all, it makes it look soft and polished :) I hope I helped you ;)
      Have a great weekend and Happy New Year :)

  4. Zanima me kako si zadovoljna sa Lush Santa Baby? Ja ga umalo nisam kupila pa me zanima da li sam napravila gresku time sto sam ga propustila? :D

    1. Pa moram priznati da nisi napravila gresku, s obzirom da whip stick skoro da sam pojela koliko je dobar, i divno miriše i tako njeguje usne da to nije normalno. Da nisam uzela Whipstick onda bih bila zadovoljna sa Santa Baby, medjutim, kad ih uporedim Whip Stick je mnogo bolji. Mozda kad istrosim WS, onda ga vise zavolim. Super je sa sjajem preko, jer, po meni, ostavlja previše boje, čak i za jedan balzam, tako da ga nanosim u vrlo malim količinama, osim kad baš hoću punoću boje, onda nanesem debeo sloj i fino ga utrljam i preko stavim sjaj, jer izgleda potpuno mat na usnama. Više mi je kao neki mat lip tint, nego balzam u boji. :D

  5. zanima me ovaj koncentrat E+. inace koristim kremu za lice sa vitaminom E, ali posto mi nije lako nabaviti je kod nas, trazim neku adekvatnu zamjenu. Da li si zadovoljan njima i na koji nacin ga koristis?

    1. Ovaj koncentrat E+ je odlican! Bocica je jako mala, medjutim meni dugo traje, jer serum koristim 1-2 puta sedmicno. Kosta 30 km, moze se naci u DM-u. Najcesce stavim par kapljica koje nezno umasiram na lice, i ne utrljam jako, vec ostavim da samo upije, a nakon 3-4 sata, poprskam termalnom vodom, i samo uklonim visak sjaja sa koze ubrusom. Cini kozu elasticnom,hidrira i stiti. Takodje mi pomaze kod sitnih oziljaka koje imam od akni, koje nakon 2-3 mjeseca koristenja prilicno ukloni. Nadam se da sam pomogla ;)
      Koristim i njihovo bademovo ulje za ciscenje njegovanje lica, a takodje se moze i sminka skidati sa njim.