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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello lovelies,

Here's just a quick post, from yesterday's outfit and make up look, as I have to get ready fastly and take another pictures, then change the clothes, go for a walk and enjoy somewhere where it's relaxing. So, at the moment, while pictures are being uploaded, I'm getting ready for the shoot, and preparing some comfy outfit for the walk. I got up quite late, made some breakfast, which was so delicious, and now, it's time to move a bit ;) After the walk I'll probably go jogging ;)
If you are wondering about the dress, I actually bought it 4 years ago, and the lipstick I bought inspired me to wear it ;)
Hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing. :D

                                                                               Dress- H&M
                                                                              Earrings- Parfois


  1. Vrlo lepa haljina, a i minđuše. Lep vikend i tebi :-)

  2. As I already told you, these intense pink colors suits you a lot, and I don't see you wear them as much as you should :P
    You wrote many posts lately, I have to catch up!

    1. Black prevails :D I love vibrant colors very much, but whenever I have to quickly decide what to wear I go for black ;)
      Heheh, I'm a little bit more active than during past months, but I'm trying to post as I usually posted when I made the blog, around 4-5 posts a month ;)