Dream in Pastels

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello lovelies,
Spring is coming our ways, and I can' be more excited. I love sun, flowers, pastel colors. This post is inspired by the beautiful cardigan I bought ages ago. It's in wonderful nude pink shade, with lovely ruffles. I wore it only a couple of times, and didn't have the chance to make post with it. I was looking for perfect flower crown in pink pastels, but I couldn't find the one, so I made it. 
The night before, I made this flower crown, using separate roses which I can use later for some other things I planned. Make up was super simple and quick. I used only BB cream, since I wanted my skin to be as bare as possible. A little bit of pinky eyeshadow, paired with sheer pink lipstick. I do not wear pink blush that much, as you could see from my previous make up looks. I'm keen on peachy bronzed look, but pink blush was inevitable for this particular look.

Cardigan- New Yorker
Floral top & lace bolero cardigan-Zara
Cameo necklace- Accessorize
Rings- H&M


  1. Bonjour,

    Vos photos sont sublimes et vous êtes très en beauté... Si vous aviez ces photos en prises entière je crois que je vous intégrerais dans une de mes prochaines peintures et bien évidemment si c'était possible pour vous.

    Gros bisous ♡

  2. perfection xo


  3. Fotke su odlicne, a diznajn bloga je ti jos bolji :)

  4. Planirala redesign bloga skoro godinu dana, i nikako nisam mogla naći ono što meni odgovara, konačno se nakanila da odradim sve do kraja :) Hvala :)

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