Avon Goodies

Friday, July 3, 2015

This Avon Goodie Bag was filled with some amazing stuff, which I'm still trying out. To be honest, I do not have that much time to try out every single product, as I use the ones I trust and know that work for me. When it comes to new products I do not try them all at once, since my skin is hypersensitive. I make sure to try them out one by one, at certain occasions. But Avon didn't let me down when it comes to most of their products.
This little bag I got is pretty cute. It's not my go to color, but as I do not have any bag in this color, it will surely fit some of the outfits.

 When it comes to their eyeliners, pencils and kohls, I am pretty much in love with them! Such a small price range and such a quality. I've been using their glimmersticks and they are an absolute must. I have a lot of shades, but I dint't have the purple one from this range. I do use Bourjois one, and it's similar in texture, but I will try this one out in some of my future make up looks.

 From left to right: Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner (Ultra Violet); Avon Color Trend Gel Eyeliner ( Tropical Storm); Avon Glimmerstick Big & Daring Kohl (Boldest Black)

 I'm a true fan of Avene skincare, and I do not go out anywhere without their sun block. I didn't try out these, but I will give them a go ;)

  What can I say about their nail polishes? They are amazing! Long lasting and just crazy when it comes to shades. You can find every possible shade you can imagine. Well done Avon!

This eyeshadow base is great! To be honest, I do not use eyeshadow base. I never had. I don't know why :D My crease is doing well without it, but since I tried this one, I have to say it does make a difference. The texture is amazing for application, and once you blend it with your fingers, it sets and doesn't move. Leaving matte finish. I'm more into shimmery, glossy eye make up. I apply a lot of the products with my finger, trying to make it look as natural as possible. But this base make smokey eye look great and longlasting. So, give it a go ;)


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