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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello Lovelies,
I'm back to blogging after a couple of weeks. I have a lot of pictures to post here, so I can't wait to blog regularly.

This post is all about Sigma products, and I have to say that I'm in love with their range of brushes! Not only brushes, but the glorious brush cleaning gloves, make up, etc.

So let me start with the glove right now.
Ok. First of all, where have you been all my life? As someone that washes the brushes veeery often (after every usage, to be honest) I get neck pain, and my hands hurt. I know it's silly to wash the brushes everytime I use them, especially when I use them only for myself, but I just have to. I can not work with dirty brush. So, this glove came straight from heaven for me. 
What I really like about it, is that it has loads of textures, both for face and eyes. I have tried it, and it really provides deep cleanse. Also, it's travel sized, so, one more bonus. I find no disadvantages of the glove. All the make up junkies, artists, anyone that have a bunch of brushes, should invest in this little guy.

Where can you find it? Well, the links of each product will be down below, at the end of the post. So make sure to check them out ;)

Now, the brushes. Even though I got only 5 of them, I must say they are great choice, perfect for every beginner, and everything a beginner needs.

3DHD Kabuki is definitely my favourite!
I love the design, and it's in the shape I have never ever tried before. The shape is unique and multifuncional, which helps the product application very easy, giving flawless 3DHD finish. As it has this curve, the angle helps liquid, cream or powder apply perfectly.
It really does make a difference, and high definition effect. 

My next favourite is 3DHD Precision brush. Wonderful for concealer, and even eyeshadow blending.

E-39 Buff and blend
The Medium Sweeper is multifuncional, and I have used it to apply their shimmery eyeshadow, all over my eyelids, as well as applying concealer.

 As I have never used Sigma make up before, I have to say I'm pretty much astonished by the quality. Their products last all day and have great pigmentation. 
For example, this lip base, is lip crayon in orange color, and it lasted all day long like a high quality lipstick.
I love orange reds, and I fell in love with this particular shade. I lined up my lips and then filled them in. At first, it applies easily, and it's so creamy and feels like a lip balm, but the finish is matte. You can wear it like this, on its own, or apply lipstick or lipgloss over the top.

 This eyeshadow is so lovely that I wore it over my lids once I applied my make up, even though I had planned to wear eyeliner look. The texture is so smooth that you can blend it with your fingers. I really love the pigmentation, as it's long lasting and has shimmery finish, just like I have applied some lovely pigment over my lids.

 As I'm not a huge fan of blushes, especially hot pink ones, I didn't try it on my face, but on my hands only. I loved the texture, as it's blendable and smooth, and what's most important matte. It's really rich in pigment and I will try to wear it in one of my make up looks, so I can show you how it looks on the face.

 I love lipglosses, especially the ones with golden particles. Perfect for summer. This mini sized lipgloss is perfect for make up bag, as it's soo tiny and it can serve as touch up. You can put it over the top of every lisptick. I have tried it, and it's soo longlasting, which is not common for lipglosses. What I love the most about this one is the smell. I could definitely eat one :D

Now, the links to each product:




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  1. I always hear such good things about Sigma but I confess I have not tried anything from them yet. Thakk you for this wonderful post! Everything looks gorgeous.