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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello lovelies,

it has been a while since I made the post as a make up tutorial using drugstore make up only.

Check out my previous posts, similar to this one. I am sure you will find some inspiration for creating the look using drugstore products. You can find them HERE and HERE!

This look is spring/summer inspired. The previous ones are more autumnal.
So if you like fresh looking make up with shiny and vibrant lips this post is definitely for you :)

For this look I used only Catrice make up. The look is really easy, quick and affordable. I think that anyone can recreate it, and what is more important, it will suit anyone.

If you want to know how I achieved this look, please continue reading :)

Let me start with the eyes first :)

I applied powder eyebrow pencil first and then one coat of mascara.

The texture of this brow powder is amazing. It's really smooth and velvet but at the same time it is longlasting and doesn't move from your eyebrows. I find the shade very nice. It is not warm brown, but not that cool toned as well. It's somewhere in the middle, which makes it great for my eyebrows. I have natural black hair, not brown, but I do not like wearing black pencil on my eyebrows. I like it to be quite neutral dark brown, and this shade is exactly what I am looking for.

On the eyes, I used the Sand Nudes palette which is really nice. It has shimmery and matte warm nude shades which are great for on the go looks. It has brownish shades as well which suit everybody.

I started with the matte skintoned shade first. I applied it on the whole lid using flat brush.

Then, I applied greyish brown shade, which has a little bit of a cool undertone to achieve depth and define the crease even more. But I applied very little with the blending brush.

The last shade I used was the shimmery, highlighter shade, only in the inner corner of my eyes, using pointed blending bush.

I finished off my eyes using liquid eyeliner, but not flicking it out, only applied it to the roots of the lashes, to define the upper lid a little bit more. And that's it. How simple, isn't it? Classic and perfect for everyday. No fake lashes, no struggling with the eyeliner flick. The least you want to do when you are in a rush is to do feline flick, as you need patience and more time, but not with this look.

Now, let me show what I used on my face.

After I applied my foundation, while there were no powdery products on my face still, I applied cream contour shades from this palette.

I like the fact that there is cool toned contour shade, as many drugstore brands always bring out orange toned contour shades.
The shades were not that easy to blend which is a minus, but using my beauty blender, it made everything easier. 

I wrote about this bronzer before, so I will not talk about it this time. But I have to mention the highlighter which is absolutely amazing! But I must say that it is for lighter skin tones. On the darker skin tone or slightly bronzed and tanned one, it will look ashy. But it is a dream for pale people like me. It is not too strong, which I like. I do not like too strong highlighters. This one goes on smoothly and gives really nice healthy glow.

When it comes to blushers, I know I have said it already, but I have to say it again. I do not like blushers, although I use them on my clients and they really bring everything together..they also make you look more lively. But, personally, I do not like how they look on my face. I think they don't fit my personality. That is all. I like bronzed looking skin, without anything pink on it. That's why I use only coral, peachy toned ones, when I decide to use one. The shades of this blusher are really nice, but slightly more cool toned. But I did use a little bit.

To finish off, I blended it all with a little bit of soft loose powder and then applied wonderful summery shade of shiny lipstick.

 This is my final look, how do you like it?

Have you tried some of these Catrice products, and which one is your favourite?

Hugs and kisses,


  1. Tebi šminka i ne treba kako si lijepa. Post je super, a nove palete su vrh.

    Pogledaj moj blog:

  2. Fotografie su predivne :) i ti si divna :)

  3. Beautiful make-up, on you it looks so simple and at the same time glamorous