Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I know I promised you this blog post ages ago but I was really busy so I just could not find some free time to take pictures of each lipstick shade and then edit them and so on. You get it.
But I did manage to take some pictures of the shade that is perfect for spring.

So, these new lipsticks from Avon are called True Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks.

To be honest, the best products from Avon are lipsticks (in my humble opinion).

These ones were love at first sight because of the rose gold details, and you know how much I love rose gold, so yeah. The range of shades is really nice. There are 15 shades, that vary from pinks, reds, purples and some nudes. The lipstick inside the bullet looks like marble, as it is the combination of lipstick pigment and nourishing balm. They are very shiny and nourishing. The texture is really creamy and buttery. If you are one of those who likes sheer and light lipsticks these are just made for you. I am more into the matte lipsticks but these ones would be really nice for summer.

The shade I am wearing here is Supple Magenta :)

This shade is also my favourite and it is called Sublime Wine

Have you tried these new lipsticks from Avon? Which shade is your favourite ?

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  1. in love!sve bih ih ajme divni!!!!
    voljela bih da probas i sa rozim i svijetlim možda vise na koralj nijansama uz tvoju put ja mislim bile bi predivne!!!