Friday, July 28, 2017

Hello lovelies,

these are my current favorite skincare items. I am testing some of them at the moment, so I will let you know if they are worth repurchasing. I am using some of these products for a month only, so I need a little bit more to know if they are perfect for my skin type.

So, before I show you my skincare products, let me just tell you something about my skin type.

My skin is hypersensitive, but my face is not prone to redness. It is not redness that bothers me, but the reaction to almost everything I put on my face, when it comes to make up products. No matter how good foundation is, my skin will react to it, and the next day I wake up, it will become spotty and not even. So I skip using make up whenever I can. I tend to wear foundation once a week. And even when I apply it, I apply thin layers.

My skin is combination/oily. It is combination during winter, and a little more oily during summer.
So finding perfect product for my skin type is really hard. Most of the products that are made for oily skin are too harsh for my sensitive skin. And products that are made for sensitive skin are too mild for my oily skin :D So I have to find something in between.

Perfect brand for my type of skin is Murad. I just adore every single product I have tried from this brand. Unfortunately, I can not buy their products in my country.

A lot cheaper than Murad is La Roche Posay. I find it great for my skin. As well as Avene and Bioderma.

  •  If I wear some make up, I always remove it with micellar water. I usually use Bioderma H20 one, but this one is really good as well.

  • Then, I massage my face with one pump of this Effeclar H cleanser, and then start with circular motions using my Clarisonic Mia 2. 

  •  Then I apply this Effeclar Duo + face cream with spf 30

  •  I can not live without my Avene Thermal Water. It is my holy grail :)

These are some of my current favourite skincare products :)

What are your favourite skincare items of all time?