City Girl

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello lovelies,
here's just a quick post with recent outfit. This kind of outfit represents me completely, as I wear similar clothes most of the time. Black, lacy, leathery, stilettos.


  1. So cute! I'm creating a similar blog, could you check it out? And tell me how to attach photos!

  2. This is a style not everyone could manage to wear daily, but that's probably because you must have to right identity to fit this style, and you do. It's not so casual but very casual at the same time, I think. In my opinion it's a great style, love the way you combine different items of clothing. I wish I could dress the same but I waste all my money on make-up instead of cloths, haha :$
    I bought some dresses lately though, I was inspired by your tartan obsession and realized it's a must have piece in every woman's wardrobe so I bought a tartan dress too :P
    Sorry for the TMI but I thought you should know you inspired me :)

    1. You're absolutely right. If the styling is showing your personality, your identity, who you are, than you can wear whatever on earth fits your personality. It will look the best on you, and no one could wear it the same, as no one has the same personality. I'm into make up a lot,and I buy new things all the time, and that obsession never ends :D But when it comes to choosing between make up and clothes/shoes, I just can not decide which I love more, as I buy randomly. If I go shopping I'd buy a little bit of everything, or buy one expensive make up product and then nothing of clothes..It's amazing to know that I inspire others all over the world. I appreciate it very much!

  3. Baš mi se sviđaju ove ''gradske'' fotke, prva bi komotno mogla u neki časopis.
    Što se haljinice tiče, ja ipak više volim da je zatvorenija gore kad je toliko kratka. Tebi u svakom slučaju lepo stoji.

  4. Super su fotke! Svidjaju mi se carapice :)

  5. Wonderful! Just perfect! The jacket gives a certain rocker taste to the whole outfit and it looks so interesting. Gotta find a jacket like that O_O

  6. Nije mi ovo za dnevne varijante... ni na sebi ni na nekom drugom, prenapadno je za dan, naročito dužina suknje. :/