Lost In Paradise II

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello lovelies,
 a lot of you have probably already seen the latest photoshoot pictures done in Kamena Gora, but it was high time to put them here as well. I have done some pictures with my digital camera before, but it was just the basic idea of what I was planning to do there, and so I did. I finally managed to find photographer willing to go there, as the place is not that near the town, and you have to walk by foot  quite a lot. We had to carry a lot of the things. I was carrying chairs, this huuuuuuuuge wedding gown, my make up kit, and loads of other things. But luckily, we had some help. The pictures are taken by Jovana Rikalo, a very cute girl, who is not only talented but also professional. We clicked immediately as we met. She traveled far to get to the town where I was born, Prijepolje, as she lives in Zrenjanin. I also had to travel from Sarajevo to Prijepolje, and as I had to do some business in Zlatibor, I traveled from Sarajevo to Prijepolje, and then to Zlatibor and back to Prijepolje again, and then finally to Kamena Gora. I was tired as hell, as I got up at half past 5 a.m. Then quickly planned the make up looks for Vanja (another Jovana's model) and myself. The wind was blowing as hell, and it was tough to do the make up. Quite tricky if you ask me. Tears are constantly flowing from your eyes, and you just can't do perfect eyeliner, or even mascara. but I managed to do it as nearly as I wanted. The place itself is pure perfection, and if you haven't been there, I assure you to go! I wrote about the history of Kamena Gora in my previous Lost In Paradise post, check it out ;) This, and a lot of other shoots I've done are conceptually connected to the lyrics I wrote for my band, The Loudest Silence. I had done an evil queen one, and now the white fairy one. If you are interested in the lyrics of wood nymph, then check it out at official The Loudest Silence Page's notes.
Also, make sure to check out Jovana Rikalo's official facebook page here!

Here are a couple of Behind The Scenes pictures.

You can check all of these officially retouched pictures at Jovana's Album here!

Photographer: Jovana Rikalo
Model: Taida Nazraić
Location: Kamena Gora
Theme: Wood Nymph, Snow White, Ice Queen, White Fairy

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Predivne slike, uvijek se odusevim :-)

  2. Naputova se ti, ali su zato i fotografije čarobne. Super je što si ubacila i ove ''behind the camera'' scene, vrlo simpatično deluje.

  3. Videla sam fotke kod Jovane, divno! :)

  4. wow so beautiful

  5. Super fotke, predivna, kao iz bajke.
    Uvijek volim vidjeti i "behind the scene" fotke.

  6. If I had the chance to visit such beautiful places like the one in the pics, I wouldn't think twice before travelling there! it's really awesome of you and the other girls to make this journey for the sake of art, and the results are surely nothing less than amazing!!! it's really noticeable that that photographer is a professional and the make-up work you've done there is really good as usual. I'm so in love with this place *-* if I'll ever get the chance to visit nearby I'll make sure to get there somehow.

  7. Toliko si prekrasna da te ne mogu prestat gledat :)

  8. I have nominated you for my Contest of Six. Click my name and then click First Blog for rules. Good luck!

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