Holiday Extravagance

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hello lovelies,
this shoot is inspired by a lot of the things, including my approach to all of the inspiration mixed together.  I wanted to make a post that will include make-up for holidays, and sexy, yet elegant outfit. All of it combined, with the touch of ladylike 50's look (This cone bra corset-bodysuit, by Jean Paul Gaultier is actually inspired by 1950s bullet bras and 80s underwear-outwear).
I love lingerie in general, and I am a little bit obsessed by lacy bras and corsets.  When it comes to fashion, this is my ultimate favourite look, that defines me as a person. I like extravagant stage clothes, and Jean Paul Gaultier!
This shoot has this bunny modern look, that is cool for holidays. Wearing this kind of outfit is daring for sure, since it shows your body and whole figure. You have to bare in mind that being sexy, but tasteful sexy, really depends on the person. How you wear it and how it suits you. It really has to suit you, otherwise, you will look vulgar.

Conical Bra Bodysuit- Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex

P.S Second part of the photoshoot will be uploaded in the next post soon ;)


  1. wow this shoot is so gorgeous!

  2. ovo kupljeno u lindexu ili ?? aa so cute :) <3


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