Glam Lash Eyelashes

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello lovelies,
you could see one pair of Glam Lash eyelashes in the make up look I wore in my previous post, but now, I bring you the whole collection.

Glam Lash eyelashes are made out of natural hairs, and are really easy to apply. I have never liked the synthetic ones as they really irritated my eyes and looked fake and heavy. Even though you use fake eyelashes, the point is to make them look natural and seamlessly blended with your eye shape. 

I like the whole range, because there is something for everyone. From the ones you can wear on everyday basis to the dramatic ones, for drag queens look, or Halloween ones.

I will show you 16 pairs of eyelashes, from the natural ones to the dramatic ones.

In some of my future posts, I will try to make some looks using their eyelashes, so you can see how they actually look on the eyes.

Of course, my favourite ones are the ones without stripe, looking as natural as possible and those are the ones I selected first. They are so beautiful and natural that you can wear them everyday. They give you that pop of glam and they do not have the band, which is great! 
Here they are:

The next four pairs are a little bit more flirty but still without band.

 These ones are simply amazing. Still natural looking but with a little bit of less volume than the previous ones.

The last four ones are definitely the boldest eyelashes I ever owned! Can't wait to use them for some drag queen looks, so stay tuned ;)

If you want to buy these lashes, visit Beauty Studio Prestige or Glam Lash !

Do you wear false eyelashes?
Which ones are your favourite?

Good Night