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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello lovelies,
here's a quick post with some of the goodies I bought recently. There are still more to show, but I didn't have time to take pictures of all the products. I'm also waiting for the postman these days, with lots of new stuff, so stay tuned.

P.S. I'm sorry I didn't write a review about each of the product, but I'm really really tired at the moment, but I will create a Halloween make up looks for you (that's what the green body paint is for), and I can't wait to share it with you!

Ardell are the first false lashes I have bought, and it was exactly 6 years ago, and I remember which number it was, so I ordered the same ones after using it a couple of times, and I've decided that these Ardell lashes are my favourite lashes ever.

 As everyone is talking about Duo eyelash glue as the best one, I ordered it and I really have to admit that I love Ardell more. It's perfect for me, and easy to remove. It holds the lashes in place for eternity, until you remove the lashes. I also bought this Aura one which is clear, just to have it in my make up bag, as a clear glue is always good to have. These Aura lashes are made of real hair, and OH, MY GOSH, I can't even describe how they look on the eyes. Make up look soon! I promise :)

Body paint in green :) It's a little pot, but you can paint your whole body with it. It's pigmented really well, and you mix it with water to get started with painting. I'm planning to use this for Halloween make up look, which I'll show you in some of the future posts.

New hair product! I'm definitely in love with it :) My hair is stubborn, naturally curvy and so thick, that you need a professional to cope with the curls, but this product make my curls look amazing :)

 Never tired of new brushes :)

What can I say about my new palette? It's heaven on earth. There's another one which I bought recently, but that one deserves separate post :D

I really like the packaging and the texture of the eyeshadows/blushers. It's really useful for everyday soft nude look, but you can also combine these colors to get perfect smokey eye, and dramatic look as well.

Make up looks with all these products soon!

Stay tuned :)



  1. I ja dugo gledam na narucim Ardell trepavice ali svaki put zaboravim. Imam neka tri para kuci, ali ne svidjaju mi se, jedne duge, druge, preguste....

    Super je paletica.

    1. Naruči obavezno :) Ja poznajem dosta djevojaka koje su kupovale vjestacke trepavice na pijacama, one sa debelom crnom linijom koje su ih bockale u uglovima i bile preteske, pa dok su ih skinule pocupale svoje trepavice pa zbog toga vise ne koriste i bjeze od vjestackih trepavica. Ja sam imala srece da prve trepavice koje sam ikad stavila, to je bilo za maturu u četvrtom srednje :) I baš sam kupila Ardell, i bez crne linije, skinula ih bez da mi se jedna moja trepavica otkinula, a tako prirodno izgledaju, i nemas osjecaj vjestackih trepavica uopste, tako da, toplo preporucujem Ardell, i ove AURA su savrsene!

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  3. I don't use false eyelashes, it's so complicated to apply them, and I don't really need to. I love to buy a really good mascara that makes my own lashes look false, but the lashes you bought seems to be really nice, though lashes made from real hair sounds scary XD
    I'm looking forward to see you're helloween look, I'm wondering what can you do with green :P
    All the eyeshadows palette are from Nyx or only the last one? I love this brand, but I own only 4 shades of lipsticks, and not even single eyeshadow. Tell me what you think, maybe I'll buy them someday :)

    1. When I meet you, or have the chance to apply make up on you,I will definitely show you how to use lashes properly, it's so easy, believe it! No mascara can make your lashes look as good as false lashes do. Yes, real hair sounds scary, but as I've tried loads of other ones, I have realized that the real hair ones are the best and looks more natural, and they're much easier to remove. Yes, in this post all the eyeshadows are from Nyx. Lipsticks are one of the best pigmented lipsticks I've tried. Eyeshadows are reasonably priced, but they look professional and are of professional quality. For example, this palette was around 20 euros, and the same one from MAC would be around 40 euros, at least, so it's just the brand you pay more for, not the quality. MAC is popular and that's why it's more expensive, everyone is crazy about MAC, but I would definitely recommend some not expensive brands to try, because I don't see the difference. If you use eyeshadow primer, these shadows would last longer and look as professional as the MAC ones. :)

      I forgot to put the link of the palette :) I hope that my reviews about the palette are helpful, because I'm not selling anything, or promoting anything, I'm just being honest ;) That's the make up I buy for myself, with my own money, and I wouldn't waste it on something that is not good or professional enough for me ;)

    3. I'd love that! though I think we live really far from eachother, but I don't rule out the chance it'll ever happen ;)
      You make this sound so easy, so it must be true!
      I also love to make other people's make-up, that's so much fun ^^

      That's right, but I'm a huge MAC fan myself, and I've come to realize that many expensive make-up products are expensive for a good reason - especially because the quality it better than most [most, but not all] cheap make-up products, and also because the products lasts more time. For example - one MAC eyeshadow can survive for years even if I used it almost everyday. But there's always the exceptions, and of course that like Nyx, there are a few good brands with low prices that are definitely worth the money! you helped me a lot with this review, thanks!

      I also like Sleek very much, did you try their products? I highly recommend you about this brand :)

  4. Da pogodim, Poison Ivy look? :-) Odakle narucujes te farbe?

    1. Nije, ali si mi dala ideju :) Za make up nevezano za Halloween :D
      Ovu farbu sam kupila u Novom Sadu, u nekoj radnji za frizere, šminkere, itd, uglavnom sve je profesionalna šminka u pitanju. Imao je odličan izbor nijansi, i koštala je samo 4 eur :)
      Nisam gledala na netu, mada sigurno ima da se naruči.

  5. I think a sexy Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West is coming up!

  6. Wow, the eyeshadow-palette looks very very good.
    We like your post. :)

    Kiss, Selina & Olivia, The RedViolet