Maleficent/Halloween look

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hello there!
This is one of the looks I did for Halloween (this was just a quick and roughly done make up, since it was a test). The entire look, all detailed and perfected will be done tomorrow night (if I don't change my mind, since I've got tons of ideas and costumes to wear).

 This is the costume I wore live, and for this Maleficent look, with my black gloves and a regular material over the top of the dress.

So, it depends on you, whether you'll transform totally or slightly change the look, adapting it to your face.

This is the picture that inspired me for the make up look :)
Angelina Jolie as Maleficent ;) The movie will be out in March 2014 if I'm right.

So, here's a list of products I used to create this look :

Collage paper for the cap (and old leggings)

 Face paint/Body paint in green 

Rimmel Apocalypse lipgloss (the best lipgloss I ever tried on my lips. Super pigmented, and it stays so long)
shade: Apocalyptic

Wild Craft dark purple lipstick by Essence

Long black satin gloves by Accessorize 

Eyebrow pencil, Dark Brown, by Avon

Black liquid eyeliner (Super Liner, Ultra Precision) by Loreal

I wanted to put some extra huge lashes, so I choose these red cherry, in number 101

Purple eyeshadows from Oriflame and Rimmel

Avon Lilac purple shade from the palette

Deborah's purple eyeshadows

Catrice allround concealer palette: I used the green one which I had never tried on my skin before, it was basically useless. I bought this palette and used just one shade of it, the rest was useless. Now, it was the right time to use this green shade for shading my face. 

Artdeco bronzer for contouring my cheekbones, and give it some extra depth as Maleficent has

Clinique Superbalanced foundation as a base

Here's a step by step explanation:

1. Use some lightweight foundation (tinted moisturizer, or some good hydrating creme first) before you start applying the green color on your face and neck. I chose the Clinique one because it's lightweight, and it doesn't irritate my skin. It is so sheer. I just wanted to prep my skin before applying green bodypaint, as my skin is terribly sensitive, and I'm prone to acne if I don't take care of it. I'm obsessed with hygiene and skin care. That's why I do such of the looks rarely, because my skin gets irritated and blocked, so I need to double my skin care products to return it to the state it was. Before doing this make up look, or any kind of look with lots of heavy products, bare in mind that you'll need to cleanse it deeply and wear a mask after it. It's a must have if you want to look normal next day! Green paint, or any other color will stick in your pores and you'll need to exfoliate your skin gently but thoroughly. That's exactly why I used this foundation underneath, so that the green paint won't go directly onto my skin and cause breakouts. So, get yourself a good quality skincare products before doing Halloween look. (you should do it all the time, not just for Halloween, and double your skincare next day).

2. Mix the green body paint with little bit of water (the less water you put, the more pigmented the color will be on your skin. If you want the sheer texture, use more water. Use an old foundation or sponge to apply it.

3. Use some green eyeshadows to shade and contour the face (instead of eyeshadows I used Catrice green concealer).

4. Contour your cheekbones like Maleficent using some bronzing powder.I used Artdeco bronzing powder.

5. Draw your eyebrows with black pencil so that you create a strong arch, and pay attention to the middle part, making it fall down dramatically.

6. Use some purple eyeshadows, blending them well and making good transition between the light ones and dark ones. Blend them until you get perfectly shaded lids. Use the purple close to the eyebrows.

7. Use a black pencil on your waterline.

8. Put some false lashes.

9. Draw a line over the false lashes using some liquid eyeliner (you can use whatever you want to). The point is to enhance the depth.

10. Lipstick- use any kind or pinkish purple lipstick. Make it vibrant and super bold.

10 steps, ain't that hard ;)
It was really easy look, and I didn't make it perfect as I would as it was Halloween that night. It was just to show you the basic idea. Hope you like it :)

Before applying the cap ;)

I hope this was helpful, and I'm looking forward to reading your comments about your Halloween make up and costume ideas :)

What is your chosen look for tomorrow?

If you don't have any ideas, you can easily recreate this Maleficent look I did ;)

Hugs and kisses



  1. savrseno odradjeno...svaka cast :)

  2. Super je ispalo. :-) Meni zanimljivo kako ti je to zelenilo i purpurno istaklo oci. I svaka cast za odvaznost, ja bih se bojala namazati to zeleno, imala bih fobiju da se nece dati skinut i da biti kao Hulk :-))

    1. Ne bih je ni nanosila da nisam dobro pogledala sastojke pre kupovine :D Body and face paint ali organskog porekla, boja je na prirodnoj bazi od biljaka :) Prvo sam nanela malu kolicinu iza uha da vidim hoce li mi koza pocrveniti nakon skidanja, medjutim nije bilo reakcije ( imam hipersenzitivnu kozu, pa zato na moju nesrecu ne mogu priustiti sebi da radim non stop ovakve transformacije, iako bih svaki dan radila ovako nesto). Lako se skinula, prvo sloj sam uklonila sa buterom za skidanje sminke, taj deblji sloj, onda sam koristila micelarnu vodu, i sve se maklo :) Naravno, maska i eksfolijacija nakon, za dubinsko ciscenje su bili nuzni da bi koza disala.
      Hvala! :)

  3. Predobro! Bolje si se nasminkala nego sto je Andjelina nasminkana na ovoj slici.. :)

  4. ovo je fantasticno stvarno imas dara za sminkanje :)

  5. Awesome!!! You look just like the queen, gorgeous make up and a very original idea ^_^

  6. I know you used Apocalyptic from the moment I saw the pics, wise choice!
    This is a great look, very original and well done! all poeple do the same for helloween, but this is the first time I see someone "wearing" this look. I even like better how you created it, rather than how it's made on Angelina Jolie, because your eyeshadows are bolder and the massive lashes :)

  7. Molim te mi reci da si negdje uspjela u Sarajevu naci face/body paint i da nije naruceno sa interneta??? *fingers crossed*

    1. Nazalost, nisam nigdje nasla u Sarajevu :/ Cak sam i u apotekama trazila bilo kakvu boju koju mogu koristiti po tijelu i licu a da nije stetna, da je nekomedogena, bez hemikalija i slicno.

  8. Svaka cast, odlicno je! :)