Corpse Bride/Halloween look

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello lovelies,
here are some of the pictures of the look I created for Halloween. I chose Corpse Bride as I had to make the look with my Victorian gown. What else to choose, than Corpse Bride. Brilliant Tim Burton.

I can not describe how I love my gown nor even tell how beautiful it is.

I took care of the gown as much as I could, and soon after I got home, washed it. I got an award on the night of celebration party in Kriterion (Sarajevo), the prize for the second place, and it was a great honor. Tons of pictures are on the internet, but I do not have time to look for them and put them here. I think that at least 20 people took pictures of me that night.

To be honest, make up was super quick, and most of the time was spent on painting the roses.

 I made two other looks for that night, on my boyfriend and his sister :)

Gown in details. Pure perfection!

Hope you like the look as well as the Maleficent one ;)
Hugs and kisses



  1. ja ne vjerujem,ne moze bolje definitivno :)

  2. Ovo mi se jos vise svidja od zle vjestice od prosli put. Super je, a haljina je predivna, sta drugo reci. :-)
    Super si i momka nasminkala.

  3. Whow, the dress is amazing!!!! O_O I wish I could to make up like you, you're a natural!!!! *_*

  4. This is such a great look for Helloween! your make-up work on yourself and your boyfriend is well done! which colors did you use to color your faces?
    I'm sureprised you didn't win the first place, but 2nd place is also very honorable :) the gown looks lovely, it must be scary to worry it won't get dirty ^^"

    1. Everyone told me I deserve the first place but nevermind :)
      I couldn't find the right shade of blue color as the green body paint one, so I used Maybelline color tatoo in blue as a base, and layered a lot of blue eyeshadows from my palettes. I used dark blue kohl to smudge it on the inner corners of the eyes, to create depth, and a little bit of black one. Drew my eyebrows with gel eyeliner (L'oreal one), pink lipstick with blue undertone, also L'oeral, and made the huge lashes out of collage paper, and that's it.

      Oh, I'm crazy about cleaning everything and making everything shiny and polished, so I was ssooo sad when it got dirty, because I was walking through the city in the gown, and a lot of people walked on it, because it's damn long, and huge.
      But I washed it, and it's like new now :)

  5. Wow, you look amazing!!

  6. That is just awesome