Corpse Bride/Products

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello lovelies,
although I wrote a post about the Corpse Bride look I created for Halloween, and you saw the pictures of my beautiful gown, and make up, I decided to make another one with full list of products used, because a lot of you requested a product list. How I painted my face blue, which color I used, etc.
So here you go, products used for the make up can be seen in the pictures down below.

For those who missed both Maleficent and Corpse Bride look, can click on the names and see it now ;)

Those are all the products used, only one is missing (I forgot to take pictures of it). It's gel eyeliner used for eyebrows. :)

Hope it was helpful, for those who want to recreate it ;)

With love


  1. I like that you didn't have the right facial products for this look and you just improvised with what you had, which is also suitable for the skin of the face. You used awesome blue shades and they're all can be seen in the look you made!
    You also made me interested in one of the eye pencils. I will check them out :) and as far as I know Flormar, their eyeshadows are really nice.
    Good work, once again! creativity at its best :P

  2. Hello! Oh my goodness both amazing makeup looks. The Tim Burton corpse bride is such a great costume idea. Might steal it if I ever get the chance :D

  3. What exact eyeshadows are those (your palette)?? Love the Maleficent and corpse bride :))