L'oreal Paris Beauty Event

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello lovelies,
here are a couple of pictures from the event that took place yesterday, in Sarajevo. As some of you may know, L'oreal is the the main sponsor for SFF (Sarajevo Film Festival). The new collection Haute Couture is just amazing! As I love Haute Couture looks, and have been wearing them all the time myself, this collection was just made for me. A couple of other bloggers including me had an honor to be the guests at the event which was promoting the new collection. Their make up artist was showing different looks on other bloggers, and it was so much fun. As I did my make up at home, quite in a rush, as I had to get up very early, I just had my hair done by their hairstylist. Midheta from  the blog Young Sophisticates was my companion, and we were having such a great time.
Let me first show you some of the products I got.

This magic cream sound promising, but unfortunately I can not use it, as it is for mature women with wrinkles :D

The lipstick color is amazing, with gold shimmer, perfect for summer.

This eyeliner is so precise, and those who are not so good in doing eyeliner flick will become professionals with this product :)

Classic shade, suitable for every skin tone. I will do some tutorials with all of the products soon ;)

The texture of this foundation is great. I love the coverage as well, but unfortunately, the shade is not good for me, as I'm pretty pale, although I got a little bit of tan during summer, this is still too dark for my skin, as you can see on the picture.

Here are a couple of pictures of my outfit and make up look. Of course, I'm wearing black, my favourite color of all times. Classic, and great choice when you are in a rush.

Dress- New Yorker
Heels- Zara


  1. Ohhh, so many goodies :P it sucks when a foundation is too dark for your skin! I'm not even as pale as you and it happens to me all the time. I usually pick up the lightest shade and even when it's too light for me it still blends better with my skin than a darker one... so it's a waste of a foundation :(
    I never really found a Loreal lipstick I really loved but this color looks nice. I will check it out!
    Your dress, makeup and hair are lovely as usual :)