Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor Halloween look

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello lovelies,
here is my Halloween look this time. Last year I spent much more time doing my Corpse Bride look, painting myself blue, and it took me ages to remove blue body paint. I painted roses in blue, made a veil, and wore a gown that is way too heavy. So, I decided to do something much more effortless and easier, as I was pretty much exhausted these days. I have wanted to do Cleopatra look for ages, not only for Halloween but just as a make up look, and this was the perfect chance. I love Elizabeth Taylor, and Cleopatra stories. Everything from that Egyptian period of goddesses and make up and hair and dresses, costumes, jewellery. I simply adore it.

So here is my interpretation of Cleopatra.

I didn't have enough time to take pictures of me in a dress and complete outfit, unfortunately. I was in such a rush that I don't know how I took these pictures. Couple of selfies. But I took a picture of a dress I wore that night, and it was perfect for the whole look.
As a huge fan of golden accessories I already had a plenty of jewellery that fits the look, but I also wanted to buy the necklace and bracelets from Bershka which I saw the other day, and immediately fell in love with.

Hugs and kisses