Take a break

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello lovelies,
I just wanted to make the post full of pictures capturing the moments of joy and freedom. The calm, the beauty, the rest I had while spending time at certain places. I just needed a break from everything, since I was constantly blogging for a long period. If you are a blogger, you know how stressful it is, and how much effort you need to put into each blog post. A lot of dedication and passion. Besides blogging, I had tons of other stuff to do. I'm the kind of a person that listens to her body and mind. Since my body needed a break, I went to my hometown and had a couple of days off in my own way. I still got up early every day, doing workouts, jogging and enjoying some fresh air in the mountains. That's what helps me to move on and charge the batteries which were too low to continue moving forward. No high heels, no make up, no traffic jams and nervous people.

Here are some of the pictures which may transfer the atmosphere I enjoyed. I hope you can feel just a bit of the beauty.

Hugs and kisses


  1. Beautiful images! God's creation is truly amazing. We have to stop and admire this more often even though it can be hard sometimes with everyday life :)

  2. predivno, fkt razumijem za blogerski dio, ali sto se mora nije tesko XD

  3. Čarobno. Ne kažu uzalud da je jesen najfotogeničnije godišnje doba :-)