Drugstore lipsticks

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hello lovelies,
as a huge fan of lipsticks, I thought to share with you my drugstore collection. I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss, even though I use it from time to time, mostly during spring and summer. But for me, lipstick is crucial beauty product. When a woman is asked about her ultimate must have beauty product, most of them answer-concealer, mascara and foundation. My answer is lipstick. I can go out for days without any make up on, but I would always have a lipstick with me. Lipstick can be worn on its own in a beautiful way, but it can be perfect touch to a full face make up.

Nowadays, wide range of lipsticks is growing so fast, that you just can not decide which one to choose. There are too many great shades from different brands. There are too many great formulas. No more drying lipsticks. We can see that many brands work on the moisturizing ones, but still pigmented enough to be different than lip balm. I'm just crazy about lipsticks, and can not decide if I prefer lipstains, velvet matte or moisturizing ones. Drugstore lipsticks are inexpensive and amazing!
My must have shade is, of course, Red. But I love every shade. You can not expect anything else from make up junkie. From trendy brights, classic nudes, vampy dark purple and burgundy shades, to black ones. I love them all. Now my favourite drugstore lipsticks are by Rimmel, Bourjois and L'oreal. Rimmel ones are so affordable and amazing.

Here is my collection ;)

1. Catrice-The nuder the better
2. Avon- In Bloom
3. Catrice- Be Natural
4. Maybelline Bare to be bold (620)
5. Rimmel- Moisture Renew- Heather Shimmer (220)
6. Rimmel- By Kate (80)
7. Avon- Cozy Mauve
8. Avon-Rosewine
9. Avon- Pink Blossom
10. Avon-Day Lily
11. Maybelline-Who Wore it red-der (530)
12.Oriflame- Fuschia Palladium
13. Maybelline- Plum Passion
14. Essence- Mystic Lilac (01)
15. Avon- Chocolate Rose
16. Bourjois-Rouge Edition-10

I hope you found the perfect shade for you and that this was helpful ;)
Hugs and kisses


  1. super su, a ovi tamni mi se posebno sviđaju :)

  2. Jooj jesi li davno kupila ovaj Essence- Mystic Lilac ? Ja ga nikako ne mogu naci :/

    1. Mislim da jesam. Ja bih ga ponovo kupila da ga mogu naći, obzirom da je nijansa predivna, a već mi je pri kraju. Ovo je bila neka kolekcija sa samo dvije nijanse ruza, i sjecam se da sam ga jedva ugrabila. Mozda prije godinu-dvije. Probaj Maybelline- Plum Passion, on je na ljubičasto, samo svjetliji, a ispod možeš staviti bilo koju olovku koja je tamnija. Možeš čak i crnu ;)

  3. hi dear how many fav lipsticks..
    i love n9

  4. You have a gorgeous collection of lipsticks! I love all of the beautiful shades.

  5. I choose lipstick over everything else because I wear glasses. There's nothing like bold lipstick to complete a look in an instant

  6. Od ovih imam samo Rimmel Alarm. Lepa kolekcija, ja jedino ne bih smela ove tamne da nosim, mislim da mi nikako ne bi stajali.