Covered by Roses

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello lovelies,
I've wanted to do photoshoot with this blue dress long time ago, since I only wore it live, two years ago, in Slovenia. Since then I have been collecting red roses to make a crown. I didn't have enough red roses to do so.

The combination of red and blue is definitely one of my faves. Luckily, I can still fit into the dress, as it's in size xs, and I gained a little bit of weight :D

I didn't wore any jewelry  because the effect of the crown and vibrant blue is effective enough. I kept make up super simple and as natural as possible. Minimal on eyes, and bold on lips. Hair took me a little bit longer, since my hair is so thick and wavy. I had to smooth the waves section by section for a long time, but I love the result.

Bra- Women's Secret

Dress- New Yorker